When I started playing Entropia I was helped to get a grasp on the way the game works by "strangers" kind players of the old days. I really appreciated it and i think that is the reason why I stayed ingame for so long.

I would like to give back to the comunity so I am offering so needed work to newcomers and anyone else interested. The work is simple yet can bring steady and decent income.

Work Description:

Your job will be advertising for Ido's Beauty Parlor and bringing customers to the Parlor
1) Before you advertise verify Ido is online or available to login on demand (we use discord)
2) To Advertise use a simple message in plain language (No CAPS LOCK please)
3) Send your message at most once every big chat screen or every minute to avoid spaming the main chat
4) Use the trade channel for repeat messages. Once in a while or when at new location use main chat
5) Once you find a customer interested in our service please contact me - Ido Starlit Sunrider.
6) After I verify im available for the procedure bring the customer to the parlor - TI City Platinum 9 A
7) If im offline or not available add the customer to your Friend List for later contact
8) Send me a message with the persons name so I can reach them when im online and you are not
9) The pay is 5% of the services the customer will take and it will be in the range of 0.55 - 28.25 PED

Parlor Address:
CalypsoTreasure Island CityPlatinum Tower9A

For starters you can use this message:

/tr Ido's Beauty Parlor - Veteran Hair Stylist in business since 2005 - Offering Haircuts and Surgery - All Hairstyles unlocked

Feel free to modify it to your liking.